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Proactive Tech Support for your Mac

Proactive Tech Support for your Mac


We're always looking to find the best fit for our clients and the most competitive solutions. UniversalMac isn't incentivized to work with any specific brand or distributor. With this open-minded approach, we have have experimented, implemented and built expertise in supporting many products and services. We can make the best recommendations from many years of experience with alternative solutions, each with their pros and cons.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

We don't compromise on backups and disaster recovery. Those are essentials solutions that we implement, control and monitor everyday to ensure your data is safe.

UniversalMac is unique in offering to backup your data to our own offsite backup servers. That way we are in full control of the privacy, encryption, and physical location of your critical data. We have quick access to the storage where your data resides, and can bring your business back up like no other provider can. That's part of building long term relationships with mutual trust.

Cloud Solutions

There is growing need in most businesses to improve collaboration, mobility, and provide access to data from anywhere . Cloud Solutions are also growing in numbers and features they offer. Some are niche focused while some tend to offer as many business related features as possible. We help our customers navigate that crowded field and evaluate the best options for their specific needs. We also have experience in migrating from on premise, or one platform to another, which can be a painful transition if not coordinated and implemented properly. We also embrace the the transitions from Mac servers to private Cloud Solutions so you remain in full control of your data and assets. 

Microsoft Office 365, GSuite, SalesForce, Kerio, AutoTask, Adobe Creative Cloud Team
Box, DropBox, SharePlan, Asana, DocMoto

Email, Contacts and Calendars

UniversalMac offers email hosting with a local Kerio Connect distributor. Kerio Connect is an excellent solution for secure, cross platform email, calendars and contacts with particular focus on Apple integration.

Mail migrations are often complex and critical projects. UniversalMac has successfully completed smooth migrations between Office365, Google G-Suite, Kerio, cPanel and other third party providers.

End Point Management

In order to provide proactive support at UniversalMac, we invest a lot of time and resources to keep your environment safe and stable. We always look for the best tools that will provide the best user experience and allow us to provide quality care and support for out customers. These include tools for:

  • Deployment
  • Managed Software updates
  • Remote access
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
Mobile Device Management

UniversalMac has pioneered MDM implementations since inception. We've helped Apple develop it's Mobility Certification Program and hosted the first Advanced Mobility Training sessions. We were within the first Apple consultants granted with Apple Mobility+ Certification. We acquired all the skills required to select and implement the right MDM for your business, with BYOD and company owned managed devices. We've helped deploy Laptop/iPad carts and iMac labs in schools, iOS devices in small or larger organizations, using zero touch deployment methods and Apple Business & School solutions (DEP, VPP, Teacher Programs).

Apple configurator, Airwatch, JAMFNow, IBM Maas360, Filewave, Meraki System Manager, Open source solutions,

Network printing

Print sharing, flyers, font management, large scale printing, scan to folder, print sharing, print tracking, mail merge, brochures, custom presets, scan to email... So many words and topics that revolve around network printers. We have experience working with many organization in many departments with specific printing needs:

Law firms looking for tracking and audit for each case so they can charge per print

Design departments and photographs needing the most color true Screen-Print rendering

Branding and marketing teams sharing thousands of fonts

Architects or interior designers printing large scale plans and presentation material

We take a close look at each situation to determine the best suited option and help design optimized workflows to increase productivity.

We partner with all the major vendors and maintenance providers and software editors in that industry to find the printing solutions to match your specific needs and usage. 

Manufacturers: Konica, Xerox, Ricoh, Brother, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, HP, EFI Fiery

Local service providers: Pacific Office Automation, QBSI, Copiers Northwest

Software solutions: UniversalType Font Server, Font Explorer, LinoType, Suitcase Fusion...

Office and custom software

We facilitate third party support and installation of third party software. We also work directly with software developers to make sure they address bugs, implement features and help support our customers specific needs.

Security & Network

UniversalMac has broad experience with Meraki, Watchguard, and Unifi network solutions to secure your network and provide high performance access to all your devices and your guests.


Storage needs vary a lot depending on the industry or type of work being done. UniversalMac will always recommend and implement solutions to keep your data safe in a performant environment.

We manage environments with storage sizes varying between 1TB and 100TB. We are familiar with mixes of direct attached storage,  NAS systems and SAN environments. The spectrum of scenarios we manage is wide as well. from simple file sharing to more complex XSAN 10GbE or Fiber Channel storage area networks. NAS are very commonly used to create private clouds or redundant file servers that can be accessed anywhere for increased mobility and collaboration, and we're looking forward to install some of the latest technology that keep improving at more affordable prices.


We will evaluate and adapt ourselves to the tools and solutions that make the most sense for your needs, we don't force you into buying our "preferred" solution if it is not your preferred and most adapted solution.