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Proactive Tech Support for your Mac

Proactive Tech Support for your Mac

 You’ve got questions
UniversalMac has answers

Still have questions about managed IT services or what services we provide? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Here are the most common questions we get and our answers:

What are Brands and Solutions UniversalMac are familiar with ?

Brands and solutions

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Google Business Suite
  • Kerio Connect [GFI Software]
  • QuickBooks [Intuit]
  • Box
  • DropBox
  • OneDrive
  • SharePlan
  • DocMoto
  • Flextivity/NetBarrier [Intego]
  • XSAN/StoreNext
  • CrashPlan Enterprise
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Watchguard
  • UniFi
  • LaCie
  • QNAP
  • Synology
  • Final Cut Pro
  • BIND, NoMad
  • Managed Software Center
  • JAMF
  • Airwatch
  • Font Explorer
  • UniversalType
  • Watchman Monitoring
  • Drive Savers
  • And many more
What are the benefits of proactive support ?
UniversalMac becomes a partner who knows your business needs, staff, culture and goals. We maintain an overview of your system and dive deep into your IT environment to understand it and make recommendations to improve it. Our expert consultants invest a lot upfront so they can help make informed decisions and identify any areas or weakness. Putting you in control of your business.

Proactively plan and budget your IT expenditure in a more strategic way. Our proactive support services includes monitoring, updates and continuous health checks. With our membership plan, you can rest at ease knowing that there will be no surprise or extra expenditures when a hardware fails or the unexpected happens. It is our job to limit those emergency fixes and prevent failures or downtime by constantly checking and monitoring the environment and anticipating problems. That's behind the scenes work for us that translates to piece of mind for you.

Technology is the fastest changing industry of our modern world. Keeping the pace is essential to your business strategy and success. Many businesses fail to look at their computer systems on a strategic level. UniversalMac keeps an inventory list up to date to make asset risk assessment and recommend replacement units before devices reach their life expectancy. UniversalMac also takes care of keeping your software and infrastructure up to date and ensures it's worth the investment of time and money. We partner with you to create a successful long term strategy.

With cyber crime being one of the biggest threats to businesses and the incoming GDPR laws, data security has never been a hotter topic. You need to do everything in your power to look after business data. UniversalMac will protect your network from cyber attacks and keep your data safe.

IT can be a time stealer. Think of all the time you’ve spent looking for answers on forums, retrieving a lost file, ignoring or clicking update popups, or dealing with email issues? Then multiply it by all the people in your team. See how it quickly adds up? When computers don’t work, some people see it as an opportunity to do nothing until it’s fixed. Others become frustrated and demotivated because they can’t do their jobs. With our focus on educating staff to become better users and call for help immediately, every hour we help your team save is one hour you gain in productivity or time you can bill your clients.
Slash the risk of downtime and help create a proactive environment by being proactive. Productivity and happiness go hand in hand.

Accidents happen. Major events such as fires, floods and cyber-attacks are a threat to all businesses and even severe weather events like snow storms don’t just happen abroad. If all your critical data is stored on a server which gets destroyed in a fire or flood, could your business survive?
UniversalMac will put disaster recovery plans in place and ensure all your data is backed up. That means that if the worst does happen, the information you need to survive will be completely safe and accessible.
UniversalMac also make the accountants happy! Not only budgeting is easy, but UniversalMac consulting pays for itself. We work hard to make sure what you pay us is return on payment. Just like you would want an employee to provide more value than his/her salary, we want to get more back. UniversalMac is cheaper than full time employees while providing more resources and services to your organization.
Why do I need backups and a disaster recovery plan ?
To put it simply, backups and disaster recovery plans are insurance for your business data. Consider the value of the data stored on your devices and how much you would be willing to spend to get it back if someone stole it or something destroyed it. Would your business be able to recover without the ability to ever access this data?
Anecdote: We've received a call from a small business asking if we could restore their accounting data (most critical among the rest of their data), after water sprinklers triggered due to a burning toast in the toaster. That flooded their office both their server and storage units were damaged. They had no backup. The cost for getting an estimate or simply attempting to restore those hard drives was more than they could afford. The business was closed.
In most cases, investing a tiny percentage of your business data's estimated value is more than enough to implement a disaster recovery plan that includes offsite backup. That's a necessary insurance that will allow you and any IT provider to sleep better at night, and recover if the unexpected happens.