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Proactive Tech Support for your Mac

Proactive Tech Support for your Mac

 The Great IT Experience in the long run

Our membership customers enjoy all the benefits from the best services we can offer.

This is UniversalMac taking care of all your IT needs on a monthly flat fee rate. We dive into your business, get to know your organization, employees and workflows.

We setup everything to build a solid, stable environment. We implement the tools to keep healthy devices, a secure network, and happy productive staff.

The right solutions

We believe the break-fix approach or band-aids are ineffective and costly in the long term. We thrive to create a stressless IT experience where users can focus on their work and your business doesn't suffer from any major costly downtime. We'll invest large amounts of time and resources upfront to implement the right solutions for your business to create a stable environment:

  • Systems and tools that can scale and grow with your business
  • Monitoring and reporting tools to anticipate issues or make sure small issues don't become big problems
  • Solid infrastructure with failover or quick recovery planned solutions
  • Extensive documentation including network, backup diagrams, shared services and disaster recovery plans for quick troubleshooting and problem solving 
  • Coordinated installations and planned maintenance that minimize disruptions to users
  • Automatic software updates
  • Optimized and standardized systems for stability

We'll take the time necessary to implement what's right for you, not what would be to easiest or less time consuming for us. We all sleep better when we're not anxious for potential catastrophic scenario.

Priority support

Our Membership customers get:

  • 24/7 phone support - If a consultant isn't available immediately, which is rare, we will call back within minutes.
  • Live remote access - screen sharing support for quick resolution
  • Email support - Service requests are tracked, reviewed, assigned and addressed by our consultants within one business day
  • Service requests are only complete when the resolution is satisfying to you. We will get to the bottoms of things and be creative to find the solution that works best for you

We know how crucial responsiveness is to keep satisfaction at the highest level. it’s never too late. Call us day or night, weekends or holidays. We’ll get you back on track and back to work.

Our remote support service quickly troubleshoots and fixes many IT problems. This means less wasted time and money along with fewer disruptions to your workday. It's faster than looking for a solution online, which is where more than 70% users start looking for help with or without success. We can turn that time into production. Plus, it's an opportunity to exchange and share tips or best practice advice.

Business strategy

As your IT service provider, we partner with you to make informed decisions based on many years of experience and expertise in the field in all types of industries.

  • IT Strategy - We help you invest in the right technology for your business to reach your goals, within your budget
  • IT Budget - We compile hardware and software costs to help plan for your IT budget over the years to come
  • Equipment renewal - We keep an inventory of your assets to make recommendations when it is time to replace devices reaching their life expectancy
  • Technology review - We help drive your technology decisions for optimal performance and best value
  • Project planning - We are the IT professionals to design and implement projects in your business
  • Vendor management - We facilitate interactions with vendors or collaborators to get the best prices or service you need

Best value

Our membership flat fee model means better services for less money. It's simple math and it works!

  • 24/7 full support team for less than 9-5PM IT staff
  • Regular on site visits - On site presence is key to providing a great IT experience
  • Long trusted term partnership
  • No surprise or hidden fees, no accounting overheard
  • No time tracking or increasing hourly rates
  • Included IT Consulting services
  • Increased productivity - We save you time you can turn into revenue
  • Piece of mind - Complete delegation of IT questions or concerns to UniversalMac
  • Universalmac invest its revenue to continuously improve our solutions and quality of service for our customers, not in marketing

 Just like in life, there is an incredible value to partner with people you can trust and who work in your best interest. We have shared decades of business and life experiences with our membership customers, including fantastic or dramatic adventures, and the birth of many cute babies. We'll support you in highs or lows. We're proud to say our partners are still here to testify and refer us to their friends or business collaborators.

Ready to join UniversalMac family? Contact us now for a free consultation.