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Proactive Tech Support for your Mac

Proactive Tech Support for your Mac

 Sleep better at night!

Sometimes, you just need make sure your family pictures, work files or accounting data can't disappear permanently.

At UniversalMac, we take backups and your data very seriously.

We offer Offsite Backup to our own dedicated backup servers located in multiple locations in the greater Seattle Area so your data is safe with your own desired encryption and protection levels. The advantages of our solutions compared to standard Cloud Solutions are clear:

  • Fastest recovery in the region
  • Full control over encryption and access to data - You can choose to be the only owner of the key to decrypt the data we backup to keep it absolutely private
  • Frequent restore checks - We don't trust a backup until we confirm we can restore from it
  • Monitoring and alert notifications - We get alerted if your data isn't fully backed up and we address it
  • Computer and drive monitoring and reporting tools - We might as well make sure your computer doesn't fail if we install a backup agent, so that's included!
  • Remote Access tools (optional) - And why not install our remote support tools so you can also benefit from quick support anytime you need it? Of course!

In case of theft, ransomware, natural disaster, we will literally drive to our datacenter and restore your files directly to a hard drive we can put in your hand or connect to a computer within hours. We've brought whole businesses back from ashes in less than 48 hours after fires, or drowning organizations flooded by sprinklers triggered by a minor smoke.

Things happen, that's why we have insurance for our homes and cars. We often forget our digital files are sometimes the most valuable asset we should also protect. You don't have to think about it if you sign up for UniversalMac Offsite Backup service.

Read our detailed FAQ on that subject to learn why offsite backup is absolutely necessary!